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          Dog and Puppy Training Services


Smarty Paws offers the following in Private Training Services: (click for rates)

  • Basic Manners

    Learning Theory & Introduction to Clicker; Basic Cues:  Focus, Sit, Down, Stay/Wait, Come, Leave It/Drop It,
    Loose Leash Walking

  • Advanced Manners

    Adding Distractions & Distance to Basic Cues; Advanced Cues:  Heel, Go To, Bring, Off-Leash Behaviors,
    Out-of-Sight Stays & Recalls and More

  • Real World Training - "Pooches in Public"

    Work with your dog in a public setting: Entering & Exiting buildings/cars/elevators, Walking in Crowds, Stopping at Curbs and More

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification Preparation & Testing
  • Tricks

    Speak, Shake, Play Dead, Roll Over,
    Crawl and More

  • Behavior Modification & Problem Solving

    Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Digging, Housebreaking, Jumping, Leash Pulling, Nipping, Resource Guarding, Unruly Behavior

  • New Puppy Consultations - Before and/or after you get your puppy
  • Assistance in Choosing the Right Dog for You; Preparing for Your New Puppy - Make Your Home Safe For and FROM Your Puppy; In-Depth Guidance for Proper Socialization; Instruction for AVOIDING Problem Behaviors

  • Introducing New Baby to Puppy Consultations
  • Rates::
    • Rates:

      • New Puppy Consultation

        Get it Right from the Start!
        Everything you need to know about raising your new puppy.  This consultation is especially recommended for first-time puppy parents.
        3 Hours, $200

      • Manners Lessons

        Private Lessons In and Around Your Home:
             $110 per Lesson (60-75 minutes)
             $300 3-Lesson Bundle
             $550 6-Lesson Bundle
             $85 per lesson, 7 or more lessons

        Private Lessons Outdoors at SmartyPaws:
             $90 per Lesson (60-75 minutes)
             $255 3-Lesson Bundle
             $470 6-Lesson Bundle
             $70 per lesson, 7 or more lessons

        Smarty “Semis” at SmartyPaws:
             *Bring yourself and a friend or 2 (and your dogs, of course) for a Semi-Private lesson at Smarty Paws!
             *Semi-Privates offer more personalized attention than a group class with some of the economic and social benefits of a group.
             *Smarty Semis can be scheduled at your convenience.
             *Work on the behaviors you choose rather than adhere to a group class schedule.

        Smarty Semi pricing:
        2 dogs - $50 per dog per lesson
        3 dogs - $40 per dog per lesson
        4 or more dogs – Not applicable, please contact Smarty Paws for a group class.
        All Manners Lessons and New Puppy Consultations include
        written follow-up notes and training guides.

        Different Rates Apply for Obedience Training Aggressive Dogs
        Please Contact SmartyPaws for More Information or a Quote

        • Behavior Modification (Dogs 6 Months & Older) - Common Behavior Problems

        Potty Training, Puppy Nipping, Jumping, Chewing, Digging, Barking
             $125 per Hour Counseling
             $500 Multiple Problems Package – 3-5 visits, 5 hours max

            • Behavior Modification – Serious Behavior Problems
              Fear, Shyness, Reactivity, Aggression, Resource Guarding, Compulsive Behaviors, Separation Anxiety
              • Initial consultation billed at $150 per hour with a 2-hour minimum, followed by:
                -An extensive written treatment plan.
                -Continued support in the form of Q&A via phone or email for 15 minutes weekly for up to 4 weeks following your receipt of the treatment plan.
              • $125 per session flat rate for follow-up sessions of 60-90 minutes followed by: Continued support in the form of progress notes and questions provided via phone or email for 15 minutes weekly for up to 2 weeks following each individual paid practice session.



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